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WorldFree4u is the website that has been continuously leaking films for many years. This website has been a very popular website for many years in terms of releasing pirated media. Bollywood, Hollywood and South Indian and Punjabi films are found on this website.

In the last few years, there has been a revolution in the Internet and this revolution has brought many benefits for us, but along with these advantages, many losses are also coming in front of us and the biggest disadvantage among these losses is the piracy of everything. Especially the piracy of digital media.

Nowadays, soon after the release of any film and show on the Internet, its pirated version is uploaded. Worldfree4u has become the most famous name in the release of pirated movies and television shows.

In the greed of watching movies and shows for free, people constantly visit websites that provide these pirated films and watch movies online and offline. They see only one advantage and that is that they got it in the film free but they do not see its other violence which is very black.

What kind of content is found on the worldfree4u website

  • Hindi Movies
  • Award Shows Download
  • Amazon Prime Shows Download
  • Netflix Shows Download
  • Kannada Movies Download
  • Telugu Movies Download
  • Tamil Movies Download
  • Malayalam Movies Download
  • Punjabi Movies Download

Government work against websites like worldfree4u

Governments are constantly fighting against piracy websites and are looking for new solutions everyday, but so far no specific solution has been found.

So far, the solution that the government has discovered is that the domain of the piracy website should be blocked.

But doing so also proved unviable. Because people reach such websites with the help of VPN (Virtual Private Network) and download pirated content.

The government blocks the domains of the piracy websites, but those websites change the extensions of their domains. Let’s understand with an example: Suppose the government has blocked WorldFree4u.Com. “.com” is a domain extension. And there are thousands of such domain extensions. So the website owner will change their “.com” domain extension to “.net” and fool the government.

How does VPN work for these websites?

Everyone has a special IP Address for using the Internet, such as a number that keeps changing over time and the government can control that IP Address. Whenever the government of a country blocks a website, it blocks all the IP addresses of its country from visiting that website.

Now people use VPN for pirated content to change their IP address in a country where that website is not blocked. Then it is very easy to access that website.

No specific solution to control VPN has been found so far. And it is also very difficult to control it because VPN has many more advantages.

How dangerous can piracy websites be

You can guess from the fact that piracy is illegal, yet this website does piracy. Websites like these are run by large hacker groups which are not caught by anyone.

As soon as people visit these piracy websites, these hackers access the personal photos, videos, their browsing details such as debit and credit card numbers and pins etc. on their device and then sell it in the black market.

Now you understand what will happen next. It is possible that you have been saving till now, but at some point they will target you.

Here are the names of some famous media piracy websites

Points to note: We want to caution you through this post of our website We want to tell you that piracy of anything is illegal and it is a violation of copyright law. We do not support any kind of piracy.

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