Tamilrockers 2023 – Download Tamil, Telugu and Hindi Movies in HD

Tamilrockers is India’s largest films pirated website that leaks newly released TV series, Punjabi, Bagnoli, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and English movies. It is the largest player in the pirated market of India, and of the the famous films pirated site.

It has been doing media piracy continuously for the last several years whether it is online media or offline media. A few hours after the release of this media is uploaded on this pirated website.

Tamilrockers 2023

It targets the most newly released movie of South India. On this website you will find the highest number of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films. Apart from all this you will also get Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Government action on TamilRockers

Whenever something new is leaked on TamilRockers, the government immediately blocks its domain name. So that people can not open this website and download the movie. There are thousands of other websites like TamilRockers and others whose domain government continues to block.

Traffic through TamilRockers and thousands of similar websites comes through VPN (Virtual private network). With VPN people make the government stupid and the government is not able to trace people easily.

This action of the government is not a special action because people have treatment for it. With the help of VPN, people connect the iP address of another country and download the movie very easily.
Some people even sell the movie through CD/DVD in the local market after downloading it from here.

Whenever the government closes such websites, then these websites add another domain extension to their site.

Such as: If the government closes tamilrockers.com then they will use tamilrockers.net. In this way, they keep changing their domain extensions. And the Governments are unable to do anything.

So far, all the laws which have been made to prevent online and offline piracy in the whole world have all proved to be hollow in today’s time.

Why TamilRockers do piracy

What are you thinking that the pirated content available to you by TamilRockers or thousands of similar websites is free. Or this website is doing you a favor or it is doing virtuous work, then you are the biggest idiot till date.

Such websites steal your personal data from your device and sell it in black market.

I have given a list for this kind of website which can steal your data.

  • Your username and password to be automatically saved in your browser. Nowadays every browser saves this kind of data.
  • Your debit and credit card numbers and codes.
  • Your web history (what you buy or sell online)
  • They also know which website you go to.
  • These websites can easily access your personal photos, videos and documents kept in the internal memory of your device.

Some other websites like TamilRockers

Our motive behind writing this post

Today, almost nothing is possible without technology. We use technology only for our own benefit, but do not try to understand why anyone is taking advantage of us with the help of technology. TamilRockers and thousands of similar websites benefit us illegally in many ways.

We want to tell you that piracy and watching pirated content, buying and selling is a crime. We advise you to choose the right path.

https://imnotashamedfilm.com/ does not recommend anyone to do piracy or watch or sell pirated content and we are not responsible for it in any way.

This post is only to make you aware and to increase your knowledge.

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