Sunny Leone will show tremendous stunts in upcoming film ‘Anamika’

Bollywood actress “Sunny Leone” is known for her huge number of articles and her glamorous roles in movies. He will soon show the best action in his next movie. In an interview about the release of this movie on the MX player, Sunny Leone said that this is the story of the time that Sunny always wanted to tell on the screen.

‘It was a great pleasure to work at Anamika,” said Sunny. It’s a very amazing story. About her experience in the film, she said it was great that you saw a lot of serious action in Anamika. It’s something I’ve never done before. I always love the action, and that’s why I’m thrilled to be a part of this movie.

Sunny Leone upcoming film 'Anamika'

Regarding the characters she’s done, Sunny said: “It’s the focal point of my job to make the character interesting or the scene integrated. We’ve all seen a lot of movies and we’ve seen shows where it’s very important. “show the integral. If they do not tell you, you will feel you are watching a Disney show. It’s part of many programs, and I think that’s professionalism. Sunny Leone is now turning to Southern movies. Following the world of Hindi cinema, many of his upcoming films are now from the South.

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