Shruti Hassan To Quit Her Acting Career

Shruti Hassan again surprised the audience with his acting and singing skills. In recent years, she has juggled between singer and actor, singing several English indie songs while acting in the cinema. However, she is now going to focus on her singing career and let films come to the background.

Shruti Hassan To Quit Her Acting Career

The multilingual actress said she wants to make more music this year because she does not have enough time to make films. This left his fans worried as it hinted at his potential theatrical exit. During much speculation, it was a relief for her fans when the actress assured her she would try to balance the two.

“You will definitely see more music from me this year, and I’m so excited to share it with everyone. I had to put music aside for years, but I’m finally getting the balance, and I’m glad I can both do,” says Shruti.

The actor will be 35 years old on January 28, but he has no plans to hold a birthday party for now. She shared her birthday plans by saying: “I have no comprehensive plans for my birthday. This year has been flooded with a lot of work for me, and that’s what I’m concentrating on. Birthdays are special, but it all depends on work. “‘

Shruti Hassan is currently enjoying the success of Krack. Expressing her gratitude, she said: “I am grateful to the audience for going to the theater and making the crack a success. After the hard year we had, it is a real blessing to start 2021 with such massive success,”adds them.

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