Kundali Bhagya Written Update 29 December 2020

The episode of Kundali Bhagya on December 29th begins when Mahira sets up a camera to record her moments with Karan. She put ice in the glass and then asked Karan to drink it.

Karan told Mahira that he felt dizzy and didn’t know what was going on. Mahira shook Karan’s hand, behaving as if Karan was holding hers.

Then Mahira asked Karan to leave her hand, acting as if Karan pulled her past him. She thinks the camera is recording everything she wants to show.

She said that she would show Karan the video in the morning, and he would eventually think that he and Mahira would spend their honeymoon.

In the latter scene, Sherlyn came to Preeta and Srishti and told her that they knew nothing about their plans when they saw Srishti and Sameer in the hotel.

Sherlyn replies to Preeta, Mahira is in Karan’s room. Hearing this news, Preeta was surprised and said that this could not happen. Xie Lin said that Mahira wore the sexy nightdress she bought during her honeymoon.

She further stated that Mahira will soon be honeymooning with Karan. Sristi told Preeta that she heard Mahira said that she would add Karan’s drink and then use him.

Preeta said that Karan would never take advantage of anyone when he was drunk. Sherlyn responded that Mahira and Karan are together and she will show her the romance of their lives. Sherlyn shows the love story of Preeta, Mahira, and Karan. Preeta tells Karan that he can see Preeta instead of Mahira, which is why he wants to get close to her.

Karina told Sherlyn at home why she wanted to take a break because she was not healthy. She informed that she had also sent Mahira and Sherlyn to Manali to rest and enjoy in the same hotel where Karan and Preeta were staying. After hearing this, Rakhi was shocked and worried about Preeta and Karan.

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