Instagram Team Deleted Kangana Ranaut’s Post

A post by Kangana Ranaut has been deleted by Instagram. After the post is deleted, Kangana has also taken out the anger.

Recently, Kangana Corona became positive. Whose information he gave on Instagram Now Kangana says that her post has been deleted by Instagram. On which Kangana erupted and he said that ‘it seems difficult to stay here too …’

Kangana Ranaut is deeply involved in controversies. She often gets into the headlines for her rhetoric. After the Bengal results, Twitter had suspended his account forever due to the strong reaction to the Bengal violence. Now Kangana became active on Instagram. Recently, he shared the news of himself being positive, while challenging Corona with the fans here. Kangana’s post has been deleted by Instagram (Kangana Ranaut post deleted by Instagram). After the post is deleted, Kangana has provoked anger there.

Kangana Ranaut on Saturday (May 8), with the news of being corona positive, said it was a minor flu, ‘I know I will finish it’. When his post was disputed, Instagram took this tough step and deleted the post. The actress has now shared her Mann Ki Baat on her Insta story.

Kangana wrote, ‘Instagram has deleted a post of mine, in which I threatened to kill Covid-19. Somebody’s feelings got hurt. Meaning that sympathizers of terrorists and communists were heard on Twitter, but Covid Fan Club. Wonderful. It has been two days on Instagram, but it does not seem to be able to last more than a week.

Her post is now becoming very viral. Kangana Ranaut shared a post through Instagram and told that she has become Covid positive. He wrote, ‘I was feeling lightly irritated and tired and weak in my eyes for the last few days. Was hoping to go to Himachal, so yesterday I had a Covid test and today the report came that I am positive.

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