CELIANE THE VOICE – Me as an artist and my release

If you are a lover of unique and original music, you would probably love my voice and style of music. Right from a young age, I never hesitated to think out of the box. My choice of music was pretty different from what others used to listen to. I used to draw inspiration for my music from performers like Celine Dion, Pharrell, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Daft Punk, and more. I had a very “eclectic” choice when it came to music, as my friends & family would call it.


After training for 20 years in opera and jazz music, I knew that my voice had the potential to create high notes that the audiences hadn’t heard before. I was and continue to be obsessed with hard-hitting bass notes, which is why my music will always have them. While people didn’t believe that I could move to any other genre other than jazz and opera, I took it upon as a challenge and I am where I am today.

Today, people recognize my genre as the unique, “Electronica Hip-Opera.” Many people have asked me what this genre is all about. I only have one thing to tell them – this genre is nothing but a combination of my voice and all the notes of electronic music that you ever know. The jagged sounds, dubstep, and hip-hop elements in my music will awaken your soul and inspire you to be your original best.

I create music to challenge my audiences and surprise them with newer and deeper electronic elements in my voice. Many music producers tried in vain to make my voice fit in the genres that they created. Being the daredevil that I am, I never wanted to run that race. Today, I create my own music that fits my unique voice. That’s the genre that people have to come to address as “Electronica Hip-Opera.”

I love to call myself a techno-human musician because I know that technology can never ever take away the human component from any person, regardless of its advancement. I am a love warrior, who wants to spread love and humanity to everyone who comes to my shows.

One of the most satisfying moments in my life was when I released the
reimagined version of “She was a Solider” on 25th May 2020, to honor all the war veterans. Every year, this day is being celebrated as Memorial Day, and I was only happy to do my bit this year to honor the military personnel who lost their lives while serving in the US Armed Forces. Bobby Ross, the country- music lover had originally created this song, and it was a happy moment for me when he loved my reimagined version of his original.

My latest release, “Why Can’t You” is now readily available on my website, If you wish to access my music on other platforms, you can also do so on Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, I Heart Radio, and more. My new single, Systematic, will be released on June 13th, 2020. Electronica will dominate this single; so, I hope this song satisfies all the electronic music lovers.