INA-Blogpost-7-29Rachel Joy Scott’s faith in Christ was well known in her high school. In the new movie about her life and faith, I’M NOT ASHAMED, we see Rachel commit her life to Jesus … and the dramatic change it made.

We’ve heard from some of the movie’s fans on Facebook about how their faith journeys. Kathy tells us: I was 13 when I was first drawn to the Lord. He has always been faithful to me, through all of my shortcomings and many, many wrong decisions. He is my Lord and savior! He delivers me daily from myself. To God be the glory!

John shares: August 24 will be 8 years since I accepted Christ as my Savior. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in my first year at Liberty University … I woke up

and basically said, “Ok, God this is the day.” I was tired of running.

Louise adds: I asked the Lord to come into my heart when I was 7 in Sunday School Class. I made sure of the decision as a teenager. … Jesus means everything to me; He died so I could have eternal life.

Whether you’ve been following Christ for years or days, you will be inspired by Rachel Scott’s true story in I’M NOT ASHAMED, coming to theaters October 21. And we’d love to hear your faith story as well!